Tradition versus Personal Feel

When choosing stones, I use my personal perception and feel of what those stones represent energetically, rather that rely on what’s been written in books. Some of my feelings coincide with common knowledge, some don’t. In the end, the in the moment intention with which I use the stone takes precedence over “tradition”.


Here is a short  and simplified glossary of the energetic and symbolic value I often (but not always) attribute to the stones I most often use:

  • Garnet: Passion, courage
  • Ruby: Determination
  • Pink tourmaline: Self-love
  • Peridot: Personal growth

  • Aquamarine: Truth, also “Higher/multi-dimensional energy
  • Amethyst: Spirit, Soul
  • Iolite: Night, depths
  • Sunstone: Creativity
  • Turquoise: Dream, sky, masculine
  • Coral: Earth, woman
  • Pearl: Transformation….Born out of an irritation in the oyster, they remind us that “irritations” in our life, in the form of things, events or people, are our points of entry for transforming ourselves. This is why all my earwires have a pearl.

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