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EARRINGS (rectangle & small fan)

A Unique Way to Speak

The concept behind my earrings is simple but powerful and full of symbolism: Each earring has a different design but they go very purposefully together, each one holding about half of the sentence written in the back. . . Together, they tell a true story of change, one which I have lived. . . . So when you wear the earrings, the idea is that you become part of this story of change, you are in it, you live it, and the energy of what it took for me to go through that change is passed onto you.

 I am often asked why I make left and right earrings. . . Attentive intention is an important ingredient of change. . .In having to think for one second which earring goes into which ear in order for the design to make sense, you remind yourself that these earrings are not ordinary and have a purpose in your life beyond being simply beautiful. At that very moment, you can easily reinforce within yourself the deep inner reason why you want to wear those earrings. They have a meaning for you, they represent the inner you and what you are walking toward…

“When I Walk Through Life with Love for Myself, I am Home Wherever I Go”

(SS, 14K yellow, rose &green gold, pink tourmaline, amethyst)  $185,-


“When I Dare to Leave What I Know, I Can Grow”

(SS, 14K yellow & green gold, peridot, turquoise)  $179,-


“When My Life is Cloudy, It is Time to Ponder Within to Find a New Dance”

(SSn 14K green, yellow & rose gold, garenet, amethyst) $179,-


“Courage and Persistence Lead me Home”

(SS, 14K yellow, green & rose gold, pink tourmaline, amethyst, pearl) $182,-


“Sometimes, I Have to Leave My Dream in Order to Find it”

(SS, 14K green, yellow and rose gold, amethyst, sunstone) $179,-


“Letting my Dream Free is Making it Blossom”

(SS, 14k yellow, rose and green gold, pink tourmaline, peridot, pearl) $175,-


“When I Have Walked Through My own Jungle, I can Explore That of the World”

(SS – 14K yellow, green & rose gold – amethyst, emerald, pink tourmaline, peridot)  $ 179,-


“When I Dare to Get Out of the Box, I can  Really Blossom Fully””

(SS- 14K yellow & green gold – peridot, coral) $175,-



“It’s in Tearing Love apart that I Found Real Love”

(SS, yellow 14k, peridot, amethyst) $169.00



“I Am the Bridge I Walk On”

(SS, 3colors of 14k, ruby, amethyst, aquamarine) $169.00


“To Meet Real Love, One has to Get out of Hiding”

(SS, 3 colors of 14k, amethyst stone & crystal, garnet) $175.00

“In Lovingly Standing in My Truth, I Can Meet My Soulmate”

(Sterling Sliver, 14K yellow gold, aquamarine, amethyst, peridot) $169.00

“I Call Onto My best Qualities to Grow”

(Sterling Silver, 14K yellow & green Gold, amethyst, peridot, garnet, pink tourmaline) $165.00

When I Respect Myself, The World Respects Me”

(Sterling Silver, 14K yellow Gold, Amethyst, Garnet) $169.00


re2-even during the night the full moon will shine_1.jpg

“Even during the Night, The Full Moon will Shine”

(Sterling Silver, 3 colors of 14 K, iolite, citrine) $169.00


ste 3 being true to myself is the door to greatest wisdom_2.jpg

“Being True to Myself is the Door to Greater Wisdom”

(Sterling Silver, 3 colors of 14K gold, aquamarine, amethyst) $169.00



“I Dare to use Wisely the Power of Lightning to Move forward Gracefully”

(Sterling Silver, green & yellow 14K Gold, Garnet, Amethyst) $169.00


“As I love Myself, My Soulmate appears, to Grow with Me”

(Sterling Silver, yellow 14K Gold, pink tourmaline, peridot) $ 169.00

as i face the night I become a warrior of truth_1.jpg

“As I Face my Night, I Become a Warrior of Truth”

(Sterling Silver, yellow 14K Gold, iolite, ruby) $165.00

“I open my heart to Love Myself Fully”

(SS, yellow and green 14K Gold, peridot, amethyst, pink tourmaline) $169.00

“When I Open to the Depths of my Mysteries, I find a Me Waiting with Great Love”

(SS, green & yellow 14K Gold, amethyst, peridot, aquamarine, pink tourmaline) $179.00