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Mixing the ageless look of my pieces with the contemporary look of the smooth tube, brings a contrast that I find very appealing, like a complete look that includes two opposites.

Those pieces are small to medium  size and also incluse an ADJUSTABLE chain, max 20″ and as short as you need at any time, so you can adjust to the top you are wearing.

“I Walk Forward, Singing a Song of Real Love to the World”

(Argentium silver- yellow, rose and green 14K, yellow topaze) $199,-

“The Deeper I Go Within, The Better I grow”

(Sterling silver, 14K yellow, green & rose gold, ruby) $172,-

“In Acknowledging my Fears, I Become Fearless”

(Sterling silver, 14K yellow gold, tourmaline)  $ 172,-

“I Grow Most Beautiful When I Use Both the Sun and Clouds in My Life”

(Sterling silver, 14K yellow & green gold, tourmaline)  $175,-

“I Befriend All of Me, an Island of Contrasts”

(Sterling silver, 14K yellow, rose & green gold, tourmaline)  $179,-

“Stories of the Past, Dreams of the Future, I Appreciate All of Life in the Present”

(Sterling Silver, 14K yellow, green & rose gold)  $179,-

“As I Walk On the Edge, Acknowledging All that I feel, I Find a Love and Freedom I did not Think I had”

(Sterling silver, 14K yellow& green gold, garnet)  $179,-

“Loving Myself is the Doorway That Leads Me to Being Loved”

(Sterling silver, 14K yellow, green & rose gold, ruby)  $195,-

“If I only Want to See it, Life Shows Me the Way to the Freedom of My Spirit”

(Sterling silver, 14K yellown green & rose gold, amethyst, aquamarine)  $210,-

“In Appreciating Everything I Am, I Become a Beacon of Love for the World”

(Sterling, 14K yellow & green gold, pink tourmaline) $185,-

“Body, Mind, Spirit, I Change What I Can and Lovingly Accept What I Cannot”

(Sterling silver, 14K yellow, green & rose gold)  $ 179,-

“With Acceptance for All of Me, I Become an Agent of Peace in the World”

(SS, 14K yellow & green gold, ruby)  $189,-

” When I Appreciate Who I Am, I can Change What I need and Grow”

(SS, 14K yellow & green gold, amethyst)  $172,-