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Trees of Life, Love and Knowledge (simple)

The specialness of these pieces is their utter simplicity.

The tree is so representative of the human life, and carries within it so much teaching for us to use. I cut each tree by hand and even though I use the same basic design, each one is truly individual, just like each human life is unique.

The smallest tree is nickel-size, the medium is quarter-size, the largest is dollar-size. I can make you any style tree (simple or with a heart) in any of those 3 sizes.

They all come with a 20″ adjustable  round snake chain.

“Body, Mind, Spirit, I Nurture All of Me”

(Sterling silver, 14K yellow gold)  $155,-

“Stories of the Past, Dreams of the Future, I Appreciate All of Life in the Present”

(935 silver, 3 colors of 14K gold)   175,-

“Tree of Life: Simplicity is My Path”

(SS) –  119,-


“Tree of Love: I Am all Than I Love, All That I live”

(SS-14K) $145,


“When the Cycle is Complete, Real Love Just Is”

(SS – 14K green, rose & yellow gold)  $179,-


“From the Compost of My Life, I Create Myself a Life of Balance”

(SS- 14K green, rose & yellow gold)   $159,

” I Celebrate the Joy of Being Home”

(SS- 14K green, yellow & rose gold)  $165,-

“Tree of Knowledge: From Contrast, I Flourish in Body, Mind and Spirit”

(SS- 14K, sapphire, aquamarine) 175,-


“Tree of Love”

(SS – 14K yellow gold) $149,-


“As I Sit Under the Tree, I Know”

(SS – 14K yellow gold) $175,-


Left, Right and Center, I Walk the Path of  True Wholeness”

(SS – 14K yellow, green & rose gold)  $189,-