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Trees of Life, Love & Knowledge (w/ stones)

The tree is so representative of the human life, and carries within it so much teaching for us to use. I cut each tree by hand and even though I use the same basic design, each one is truly individual, just like each human life is unique.

The following pieces all have a tree in them but the design is more intricate and has stones. They all come with a 16, 18 or 20″ round-snake chain.


IMG_0135 - Copy (2)

“Fully Connected to My Roots, I Create and Spread Light Around Me”

(Sterling Silver, 14k yellow gold, sunstone, amethyst)   $189.-

IMG_0137 - Copy (2)

“When I Ponder and Understand All sides, I Create Real Peace”Around Me”

(Sterling Silver, 14k yellow Gold)    $169.-

IMG_0132 - Copy (2)

“When I Open my Eyes to Reality, I Can Blossom into the Fullness of Life”

(Sterling Silver, !4k yellow Gold, aquamarine)    $175.-

IMG_0156 - Copy (2)

“Peace and Love Toward My Truth AND That of Others”

(Sterling Silver, 14k yellow Gold, pink tourmaline, aquamarine, amethyst)    $189.-

” Body, Mind, Spirit, I Grow to Become Me”

(SS-14K green &yellow gold- emerald- tourmaline-amethyst) 169,-

“Tree of Life, Tree of Love, I Give the Love I wish to Receive”

(SS- 14K yellow gold- pink tourmaline)  $165,-

“Body, Mind, Spirit, I become Whole”

(SS- 14K green & yellow gold- emerald)  $165,-

in connecting to my body mind and spirit i can shine a rainblow of love 225“In Connecting to My Body, Mind and Spirit, I Can Shine a Rainbow of Real Love”

(SS-14K yellow gold, amethyst, iolite, aquamarine, emerald, sunstone, tourmaline, garnet)    $199.-

” When I have Walked the Rainbow Path, I Find my Real Home”

(SS- 14K green, rose & yellow gold – garnet, amethyst, sunstone, iolite, aquamarine, peridot) $220.-