EARRINGS (large fan)

A  purposely different but very matching  set

One of the reasons I design earrings like this is because we end to forget what earrings we are wearing. I have therefore wanted the energy of the earrings to work ‘by itself’…

A left and a right earring

One way to connect with the energy of earrings is in the morning, when you go to pout them on. I purposely make a left and a right earring.  I am often asked why . . . Attentive intention is an important ingredient of change. . .In having to think for one second which earring  goes in which ear, you remember that these earrings are not ordinary and have a purpose in your life beyond being simply beautiful. At that very moment, you can easily reinforce within yourself the deep inner reason why you want to wear those earrings. They have a meaning for you, they represent the inner you and what you are walking toward…

NOTE: The  semi-precious stones are 6x8mm & 3mm.

“When I At last can Love the Unlovable, Life Becomes a Dance of Infinite Possibilities”

(SS, 3 colors of 14k gold,garnet, peridot, sapphire, pink tourmaline)  $339,-

“Between Two Capes, I live Fully”

(SS, 3 colors of 14k gold, sapphire, peridot, sunstone, larimar)  $349,-

” To Fly Further and Freer, It is Sometimes Necessary to

Step Back into the Past and Give it Real Love”

(935 silver, 3 colors of 14K, garnet, amethyst, topaze, coral)    349,-

          “When I Have Found My Way into the Depths of Myself, I Emerge Free on the Other Side”

(SS, 3 colors of 14K, ruby, aquamarine, perifot, rosequartz, amethyst)  $319,-

“It’s Only When I Look Back that I can Move Forward & Find the Freedom I Am”

(SS – 14K green, yellow & rose gold – amethyst, garnet, peridot)  $329,-


“When I Fully Know My Own Tears, I Can Go Dry Those of the World”

(SS – 14K green, yellow & rose gold – peridot, tanzanite, crystal) $ 349,-