A Really Special Gift Idea

If you are in doubt about which piece will be right to give, wonder no more:

Over time, I devised a great alternative to difficult choice and a much more fun way to give than a mere gift certificate.

How about a custom gift?

Two possibilities are offered to you:

  1. Let me know how much you want to spend on your gift for this special person, tell me a bit about who she is, and I will send her a hand-written and very personal card in your name  (or send it to you so you can give it to her) letting her know I will design and make a custom piece of jewelry for her (or him, I do make pieces for men every now and then!). I will explain to this person how she can look at my website then we will have either and email exchange or a phone conversation in order to design this piece together.

This way, you are sure to give her not only something really special, but she and I get to meet on her special project. I have had rave reviews from people who received this opportunity because they had so much fun designing their own piece, telling me what was important to them and getting to really know an artist.

2. If you want your gift to be a surprise and you want to play a part, another way is to contact me directly, so we can design a piece together. This also works really well, as you surely know the lucky recipient and can give me enough information…

Each piece of jewelry is put in a gift packaging, made of rose petal paper by a group of women from India.

Also included is  a polishing cloth which is all you need to keep the jewelry in just the right shine.