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About Customer Service

I am not a perfect jeweler nor a perfect person either.  At times (rare but I cannot say never!),  a piece breaks or  a stone falls off. Most people understand and are happy to have me fix whatever needs it.  I always do repair anything I make, even years after, and without any charge, and I always strive to keep a good connection with any customer even after such a disappointing event occurs. Hey, sometimes, it takes more than a smile and a free repair to satisfy an unhappy customer. However, I swear I have never had an unhappy customer stay unhappy for long. . .Customer service  for a true Spirit Jeweler goes to the heart. I will not say more. . .just read on. . .

Being  Thanked is a Humbling Experience

Well, it’s almost embarrassing to put all those testimonials in this website. . . I am only putting them in so that if you are new to my work, you  can know what others think of it.

Indeed, I am so very touched by what so many customers have written to me over the years, it is truly humbling to re-read those words (rather than ego-boosting) for I realise how much trust is put in me and how terribly important it is indeed to walk my talk at all times. Each person I work for reminds me to never compromise on anything!

Thank you for you support of my work for it allows me to keep going and help many others, Maya

  • I also adore the verse you’ve written.  It truly encompasses all my feelings of wonder about life, the earth, and the sky.  I am a person who finds wonder in each day and you, with this verse, have captured the feelings I hold so close to myself at all times.  Your spirit and your talent have spoken to me through your beautiful jewelry.  I cannot thank you enough for the energy and love you put into this fabulous necklace.
    Yes, we have to meet sometime in the near future.  When I met you at the Naples Art Show, I felt a connection to you on a feeling level.  I felt that I believed in what you also believe in.  At this moment I am so thrilled with my beautiful jewelry that my words aren’t sufficient to express my gratitude to you.
    Wishing you a most beautiful Christmas, along with a wonderful visit to France.
    With Love,Marie

Hello Maya,
I Love my Liberation/Freedom Goddess Ring that you designed and created and
I bought it from you at the Hyde Park Arts Festival. I feel such Warrior
Goddess Strength and Energy from it. I send you many blessings, Jaclyn

Hi Maya. I hope this message finds you well. I am contacting you to let you
know that a check is in the mail for you. I met you at the Downtown Art festival as it was nearing a close, and you were kind enough to let me put a small down payment  on a beautiful necklace. The
remainder owed is now on its way to your P.O. box. I apologize for
the length of time it took to secure both the funds and the checks
themselves 🙁  I truly appreciate your helping me out
to be able to get this, as I believe it will be a gift with true value,
craftmanship, and meaning – something rare and hard to find, these days.
Thank you for putting so much into your work – I remember you said to me
that it seems very few notice these days, but to those of us that do notice,
it is very important and uplifting. Or at least, it was to me.
Thanks again, Tyler ( Thank you, Tyler, for this note which touches me deeply. It is very rare to meet young people like you, you are a gift to the future of humanity).

  •  Maya, I just received my ring. I am beyond happy with it and it is so much more than I expected. I love everything and especially that I can see my angel when I turn my hand over. Thank you so very, very much. I cannot wait to show everyone, Pam (custom order)
  • Thank you so much, the earrings are more beautiful than I thought they would be! Kay (custom order)
  • Maya, YEAH, YEAH, YEAH.  My beautiful bracelet arrived today.  It is soooo wonderful.  I’m surprised at how delicate and light weight it is.  It lays so nicely on my wrist.  The story each link tells is so very meaningful to me.  Thank you so much for understanding what I was trying to say and helping me say it so well.  The stones are so lovely and my pearl was such a surprise.  I know that I’m going on and on but I can’t tell you how happy I am.  I can’t wait to see you down in FL next winter so I can show you how perfect it is.  Thank you very much for your patience in the whole process and for your inspirational help in creating such a wonderful piece of art for me. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Joyce
  • Dear Maya, It’s been a few weeks since I picked up  my necklace and I just wanted to tell you how much I love it. I’ve worn it every day.

You have taken a memorable place in my life. Sharing your life through pictures of France and your trip to Africa was an honor.

The couple of months I will spend in Florida are a time of introspection and meeting you has inspired me to truly “know and live from the depths of myself” (as my necklace says).

You surely know how to give love to others! With love and gratitude, Rory

  • Hi Maya,Got my necklace & wore it all day yesterday, it felt great!! Thankyou so much for helping me on my journey to be a more & better me.

Big Hugs to you! take care, jeni

  • Hi Maya, Thank you, thank you, thank you.  The earrings were truly a surprise and just beautiful.  I love them, everything about them,the pearls, the palm tree, the heart with the house. It’s amazing how you know me… You are a spirit jeweler. I never thought I would miss a piece of jewelry so much…… The good news is I’m not scared anymore to send it through the mail. Kathy and you packed it so thoroughly, I could barely get it open. Definitely protected. It is very comforting to know you will be there, thank you for the handwritten message….  I can’t thank you enough, I will treasure the earrings and bracelet…

All the best,”  Vivienne

  • Dear Maya, I just received the earrings you made for me and wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the way they turned out – it more than met my expectations. . .Ruth
  • Hi, Maya
    I just want to tell you how much I love these earrings, and how beautifully they complement each other.
     The sentence on the back of the new earring you made for me is way beyond perfect in its reference to north and south.
     Thank you for doing this for me, and for your patience and kindness.  I’ll look forward to seeing you again and adding to my collection!”
    Warm regards,
  • Maya –I got my special package today and she arrived safely and in all her gorgeousness!!!  Thank you for your magnificent design and words – truly given from an artist who lives and loves her passion.  I’m eager for her to become a part of my essence and tarnish up good with my juices!

thank you Maya – i look forward to our paths crossing again. xo linda

  • Maya, I received the earrings yesterday and I LOVE THEM!  You did a wonderful job with them.  Thank you immensely.  I like how you did the posts also, they really are so unique and will go marvelously with my pendent!!  I will be ordering more and I so appreciate you doing those posts. Your stuff is truly unique and you are a real artist. Love, Glenda
  • Good Morning Maya, I recently received the ring, my apologizes for the delay in contacting you. I appreciate your excellent customer service.Thanks for your quick response.I value your talent and feel honored to own one of your pieces. What a pleasant and unexpected suprise.I greatly appreciate the generous gesture. The pendant is beautiful.I researched the symbolism of the turtle and connect with all of what it represents. I shall enjoy wearing both creations! Deborah
  • At times our own light goes out and is rekindled by a spark from another person. Each of us has cause to think with deep gratitude of those who have lighted the flames within us.”—Albert Schweitzer

Maya, you did that for me on Sunday. The pendant(originally a fan earring)
contains so much of the goodness that is you. Thank you! Warm regards, Ruth

  • Dear Maya, I was so impressed by the connection to your presence and your jewelry that I couldn’t wait to see your Web site. I read the entire site, what a authentic and inspirational Soul you are. I loved the two pieces that I bought, each stone on my pendant has a deep meaning to me. When I came home and sat down and look at it, wow… I felt the energy radiating as I read the meaning of each stone and as I looked at them, they are all stones that I’ve always been attracted too, but never had an opportunity to acquire (with the exception of the amethist). I guess today was the perfect time and person to facilitate my connection with my innerself in this energetic way.
Dear Maya, you are very inspiring, if you don’t mind I would like to add a link to my website to your beautiful site..
Thanks for holding such a place of integrity and for passing your love, strength, beauty and vision through your inspiring jewelry pieces.
Lots of love, light, inspiration and laughter your way, Mari
  • I can’t tell you how many compliments I have had on the pendant and earings you made.  But more important than that, the wonderful message that goes with each one has given me a little extra connection with my inner power each time I wear them. You are truly a spiritual jeweler! Hugs, Becky
  • I have been wearing the spirit earrings Gary and I purchased from you at the Palm Beach Sunfest.  But most importantly, we were and still are touched by your spirit.. . . We wish you joy, Ruth and Gary
  • Maya dear one, I’m so sorry it has taken me this long to connect with you after such an incredible first meeting with you…….I met you at the St. Pete art show a few weeks ago and you so graciously gave me one of your beautiful rings…which I wear everyday and think of you and gladden at the strength it gives me……thank you so much for your love support and generosity……I treasure that experience with you and I know that you were sent to me that very day….you are an angel and I know I will see you again….may I give to others as you’ve given to me……love to you….Renee
  • Hi Maya. . . My life has been up and down, or perhaps it was just me–but it has made a great difference to have the earrings you made for me, to see them and to wear them almost every day since we met. The words mean something important, but the designs are what moves me. Of course you know that! So I’m glad to say that I’ve “gotten back on the horse” and pushed forward on my path.. . .Amy
  • Maya: I have to tell you – I gave the earrings to my mom this past weekend and she absolutely loved them! They were the perfect gift and the message on them really touched her!!!! You make such beautiful jewelry and it means so much more that each piece is unique and has a special message. . . Love, Ami

Well, I will stop here for now. . .