More than Jewelry, More than Beauty

Let’s start by attempting to describe what jewelers usually do:

  • “Traditional”  jewelers  are usually focused on creating something beautiful, and usually aim either to adorn a woman with a beauty that matches her looks or to showcase a stone in some sculptural design. Sometimes, there can be a story behind a piece and there are often ‘good ideas’ but most of the time there isn’t much more than this.
  • Jewelers who make ‘spiritual jewelry’ are usually piecing together elements  (such as stones which are said to hold some specific ‘healing’ energy)  into a wearable ornament. Sometimes, such jewelers engrave affirmations or words somewhere on the piece, but those are repeated again and again on many pieces.

Unlike them, I am neither focused on outer aesthetics , nor on using “pre-packaged”  ‘healing’ energy  or affirmations but instead I am focused on  imparting the deepest truth and realness possible to my pieces. In other words, I am totally intent on birthing a most alive AND one of a kind inner-spirit in each piece I make.  Not surprisingly, you will see that this single-minded focus on the inner qualities of my pieces actually makes them quite beautiful but, in my own view, they are so in a spontaneous way, in a true way… with perfections and imperfections undistinguished from each other, like nature left wild …or  like a real woman who, when she truly owns herself, looks beautiful even if she has some physical flaws (or lots of wrinkles as in the photo of myself on this page…)

Where Does the Spirit Come From?

As a Spirit Jeweler, I LIVE everything that my pieces talk about. In fact, when I work on any piece, I ONLY speak of what I have most recently experienced in my personal journey of constantly reclaiming  deeper aspects of myself.

Each piece is thus filled with a ‘just-reclaimed’ aspect of my own spirit or a ‘just -understood’ aspect of life in general. My aim is to to trigger a new understanding in you or to touch and open a part of your own spirit, one which is in search of movement.  Your own, sometimes unconscious, search for growth is the fuel that often instantly draws you to  a specific piece, either through the design  or through the sentence accompanying it, or both.

So my jewelry intensely represents what I stand for:

  • Truth of the moment
  • Integrity
  • Deep inner-transformation
  • Constant search for an even deeper truth
  • Nakedness of the soul
  • Self-discovery
  • The Spirit in each human being

As I design and fabricate every piece,

it very specifically speaks about the inner-work going on inside me:

  • The sweetness of a specific recovery
  • The ecstasy of a new insight
  • The struggle of digging deeper into my darkness
  • The deep work and the joyful play
  • The tears but also the great laughter (it takes both!) of a woman constantly focused on reclaiming more of herself, more of her spirit
  • AND the determination to make that same reclaiming easier for others in the process…through as many means as possible.

Each piece therefore carries with it the relentless focus and definite excitement of my current travels back in my inner human journey, hacking a way through my wounded psyche to recover my true self. In so doing each piece holds that movement and integrated change and stands in the REAL power to jump-start and support you to do the same.

This, to me,  is the work of a Spirit Jeweler.

Baie de Morlaix, Brittany, France