Artist’s Statement



Ever since I was 4 years old,

Already wondering what was going on around me,

I have ceaselessly, at times obsessively, searched for

the answer to the question humanity has asked itself forever:

“Why is the world

(me, you, our families and everyone else)

Like THIS,

and what is a solution that REALLY works?”

This quest has led me to travel

inwardly and outwardly on indeed many roads….

From a Master’s in Genetics to

to many spiritual paths…to…

…showing up right here in this website and meeting you!

With this work, I am honored to share with you

the essence of my present discoveries

and my growing knowing of that very answer:

Each jewelry piece is a little book of knowledge,

packed with deep information to use on your own journey.

Look closely,

Dive in,

And the first page will open for you:

May you feel a spark of recognition. . .