The cream on top first and last!

Smart phones… so great when used with discernment for the betterment of whatever we are doing, saying or living….

Now, thanks to this technology, I can quickly do something that I could never do before for lack of time: How about a little video??

What about?

Well, now when you buy a piece for yourself or for another person, I will gladly record a 4 or 5 mins video, explaining all the symbols used in your piece and their meanings, the why and how of the design… If it’s a present you are giving, I will emphasize the role you played in the designing of the piece. The message will be totally custom-made to YOUR story, to what I know and feel about you.

The last time I did this was for a woman wanting to celebrate her daughter-in-law ‘s 50th birthday with real love. This is what the message she sent me after the giving:

Hi Maya. Today is my daughter-in-law’s birthday. I gave her the pendant you made and she absolutely loved it!?? She was so touched by the video you made showing her your ‘workplace’, the materials you made it with, and the meaning of each intricate part. She has cried and cried each time she has watched the video (happy tears) which she has watched several times. Thank you for being such a wonderful part of such a beautiful and special gift.

Let me know if you would like such a video! There is no charge for this, obviously. It’s all my honor to do this.