How does such jewelry work?

It starts with the maker of it!

It starts with me and my own personal, intense and deeply determined focus to reclaim myself, all of myself. A skilled jeweler could easily duplicate the physical look of my pieces, but only one who is walking the path I am walking can put in that kind of energy of change into the work.


A single intense focus

My sole inspiration is my laser-focus on the work I do daily on my own soul to reclaim myself. Whatever is going on in my own inner-life, and the subsequent steps I take to resolve it, is what I put in my pieces. I thus deliberately infuse my work with and pass directly to your soul the various seeds and blueprints I create from my own personal change so your own inner-journey is greatly facilitated. You cannot see those codes with your naked eyes but it still works, just like the internet works though most people cannot see the web of electronic codes behind it, and you can easily feel the energy of those codes if you are a tiny bit sensitive

Embedded Energy and Symbolism

It is not necessary for you to feel the energy in order for those codes to work with and for you, but the deeper you connect with the symbolism, the more you add your own feelings and intuitive understandings and ideas, the more you will be able to benefit (just like the more you understand about computers and how to work with them, the more you can accomplish with them!).

As you can see, I use symbolism from all walks of life and beliefs systems: jewish, goddess, native american, buddhist, magic, mythical, good luck etc… and lots of nature…. basically everything I got involved with at some point in my life search. I now purposely mix all the symbols, because I have discovered I must keep all doors open and not separate beliefs. I also do not make any jewish or buddlhist pieces or any pieces of a particular belief: all my pieces speak of the very universal collective understanding I have come to adopt, an understanding that can fit with any religion.

How can I make and pass on blueprints?

Well, let me give you an example: in the 1950s, no one in recorded history had ever run a mile in less than four minutes. Yet one man, Bannister, finally did it in 1954, shattering former beliefs that it was an impossible feat. He broke the record and in so doing broke the code and created a “how to run a mile in less than four minutes” blueprint. Right after this record-breaker, other runners started accomplishing the same feat. Today, 50 years later, the fastest mile run is 3 min 43 sec, and there are hundreds of people who can run a mile in 4 minutes. There now exists a blueprint for other runners to tap into:  They are pulled forward by Bannister’s first accomplishment, and by all other runners who have come after him. The more people can do it, the easier it gets for others to do it, in their turn. There are many such examples of this nature and my jewelry works much in the same way, but even more precisely.

A Deliberate Way to Work

Many people, when they see my jewelry, can feel it is ‘well-connected”, so they think that I am following some  ‘inner-guidance’ in making it. A closer truth is that I am very  very deliberately  making a tool and passing onto you the codes of my own inner-transformation. My jewelry reaches to the core of you because I simply go to the core of me both when I work and when I am not working.  As I start designing, I dive deep inside myself to collect the energy of what I just transformed inside myself, and I use that invisible power  to choose the designs and symbolism I will use to depict it so you can see and understand it. Just like I would use electricity to turn on a light bulb, and you know there is an electrical current because the light is on, so do you know there is an energy of change in my pieces when you look at my designs, even if you do not see the inner-workings of it.

Thus the designs and symbolism are not mere “good ideas”. Instead, they are a real and actual movement first made by myself and now for you to use and propel yourself forward with.

See how my pieces love to blend and relate to a person’s other choices?