The fabrication stages

Metals used:

I ONLY use sheets of sterling silver, and sheets of solid 14K gold (in 3 colors: the traditional yellow, the sweet rose color, and the rarely known and used green gold, which is only seen as green when put next to yellow gold).



From sheets of various gauges of sterling silver or gold, I hand-cut with a jeweler saw  the shapes I want to use.  Other designs are stamped, sometimes using old tools and stamps I made myself,  or cast. All separate pieces are soldered together using a sweat-soldering technique. It is a tricky stage as just the right amount of heat has to be applied in order for the solder to run to the edges of each little piece but not beyond. 

After soldering, the pieces are first tumbled in a steel-shot media, then pre-buffed, cleaned in an ultra-sonic cleaner, antiqued, then buffed to a final finish.

Last, stones are set.

Wait! One more and crucial step:

This is the engraving of the sentence in the back of the piece. Sometimes the sentence comes to me suddenly as I am working but, most often, I decide on it at the very end: even though I have started and made the piece with a clear experience in mind, it often seems like the ‘story’ is not fully gelled until the piece is completely finished. The design and energy of a piece often evolve slightly as I work through the various stages.

Each piece is unique:

I never repeat a design or a sentence, as my understanding of myself, life and the world evolve constantly. 

a custom order