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These rings are are for a small to medium hand, depending on the finger you want to wear them on. They are adjustable, and do have a “secret” symbol on the back of the shank for you to give your own meaning to.

The rings often have a 6 X 8 mm stone and a 3mm round one, and are about .5″ X 1.2″.

“I Am a Bridge of Balance, Present Between Past and Future”

(SS, 14K yellow, green & rose gold, pink tourmaline, peridot, amethyst) $ 199,-

It’s During the Night that I make Light”

(SS- 14K yellow and green gold -tanzanite, emerald)  $189,-

“In The Present, I Teach the Past How to Create the Future”

(935 Silbver, rise, green and yellow 14K gold)   195,-

” Cat Spirit is My Healing Companion”

(SS- 14K yellow & green gold – amethyst, larimar) $189,-

“I Remember to Nurture Myself”

(Sterling Silver, 14k yellow gold, pink tourmaline, peridot) $199,-


“Truth is the Sun that Helps us Grow”

(Sterling Silver, 14K yellow gold, peridot, aquamarine) $195,-


“With Love and Truth, I Become Who I Am”

(Sterling Silver, 14K yellow and green gold, aquamarine, pink tourmaline) $199,-


“With Love for Me, I Blossom”

(Sterling Silver, 14K green and yellow Gold, peridot, pink tourmaline) $199,-

“Truth is my Paradise”

(Sterling Silver, 3 colors of 14K gold, aquamarine, sunstone)  $189,-

RINGS (large)

The rings are my personal favorite as I feel they are my most powerful pieces. Why? Because you wear such a ring truly for you (with the design facing you, not the outside onlooker), and therefore it constantly talks to you. And it does so in a very potent yet protective way: The shape of the ring feels like a shield, and so you feel like a warrior in wearing it.

These larger  rings are for a medium to large hand. They are adjustable so you don’t have to worry about fit. On the back of each shank,  “in” your hand, so to speak,  is a secret symbol for you to give personal meaning to. Use it as a personal reminder of something you cherish or care about. The symbols can be anything from an angel to a sun. I use many others.


Note: Even though the photos don’t show the same size, all the rings are actually the same size , about 1.5 “X .75” with 8mm and 3mm stones, if there are any)

“With Courage, I Enter the Storms…”

(SS, 14K yellow, rose & green gold, garnet, blue sapphire)  $ 220,-

“In Truth and Love, We Stand…”

(935 silver, 3 colors of 14K, topaze, amethyst)  300,-

” Going into the Unknown Can Lead  Me to Wonderful Discoveries”

(935 silver, 3 colors of 14K, turquoise, amethyst)   225,-

” Wisdom is Taking the Time to Sit and Ponder…”

(935 Silver, green and yellow 14K gold, amethyst, peridot)     225,-

“The Deeper I Go Into Myself, the More Beautiful I Become”

(SS, 14K yellow, rose &green gold) $ 220,-

“When We Each Walk the Rocky Road, We Find Each Other”

(SS, 14K yellow, green & rose gold, bone) $ 255,-

The tangles of my life are my tools to find peace

“The tangles of My Life Are My Tools To Find Peace”

(Sterling Silver, 14k yellow and green gold, amethyst,peridot)  $220.-


“Anchored in my Soul, I Powerfully Blossom”

(Sterling Silver, 14k green and yellow gold, ruby, amethyst)   $225.00

“I Am Peace Empowered”

(Sterling Silver, 14k green gold, turquoise, amethyst)  $219,-


“My True Dreams Joyfully Call Me”

(Sterling Silver,  14k yellow and green gold, coral, aquamarine)    $215,-


“I Am A Magical Woman”

(Sterling Silver, 14k green and yellow gold, turquoise, amethyst) $210,-


“The Universe Responds to my Call”

(Sterling silver, 14K yellow and green gold, amethyst, ruby)  $215,-


“With Determination, I Find my Wings”

(Sterling Silver, 14K yellow and green gold, amethyst, ruby)  $225,-



“With Courage, I Walk the Road to Real Love”

(Sterling silver, 14K green and yellow gold, garnet)   $199,- 


“With Love for Me, I Reclaim my True Soul”

(Sterling Silver, 14K green and yellow gold, amethyst, pink tourmaline)  $199,-



“With Great Determination, I Reclaim my Freedom”

(Sterling Silver, 14K green and yellow gold, amethyst, peridot, pink tourmaline, aquamarine)   $235,-