What does this jewelry do?

 Is This Divinely Inspired Work

Or a Very Deliberate Expression of Self-Reclaiming?

On the market or if you do a search on the internet, you may well find “spiritual” or  “empowering”  jewelry which will be said to use the power of stones or to be made with love or something related. Those pieces can obviously be beautiful  and very special. Whoever makes them or has them made often uses the generally accepted ‘significance’ or ‘power’ of various stones  and/or connects with a God-source or angelic or to love while they work or design the pieces. It is this energy which those pieces carry that help you connect with the same.

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I, on the other hand, work very differently:

My very first priority in life is to FULLY reclaim myself, that is to be as free of ANY issues as possible. It’s taken me  a nearly life-long search to first find HOW to do this.  Inch by inch, day after day, the process hasn’t  always been easy but the incredible rewards have way more than made up for some hard work: I use every little or big “happening”  which life puts in front of me as a prompt to  dig within myself to understand the cause then make changes within me. In doing this, I continually  reclaim  more of an original ‘me  ‘free of issues and I also discover what life is really about, “how it all works”. My discoveries, my “wisdom” are constantly evolving.

SO when I make  jewelry, I therefore do not inspire myself from nor connect to a ‘spiritual’ source within or outside of me.  Instead, I very deliberately represent in symbolic language the actual and very real changes I make inside myself each and every day, complete with all the ever-evolving understandings about ‘life’ which they both necessitate from me and also reveal to me.

It is the essence  and  very real energy of these changes,  discoveries and understandings which I make jewelry with. I take the result of the inner-work I do on myself  (as opposed to taking some aspiration to be something) and I put it in my pieces, so you can yourself feel it, open yourself to it, use it, learn from it,  change with it, at your own rhythm and in your very own way. In a sense, instead of merely giving you inspiration, I give you a vehicle full of gas, a precise energetic  map of what I’ve explored, accomplished and intimately  know  (in terms of  personal growth)  and you go where you wish, at the speed you wish,  and stopping where you wish. . .

 A Palpable and Flexible Energy

My pieces have a strong energy and it is not rare that women who first try them on or even look at them feel immediately touched to their core and thus react physically. . . with moist eyes (sometimes much more!), shivers, or a huge smile (depending on where they are at in their own inner-journey).

But do not let this frighten you. . .

. . .  for the magic of this energy is that it adapts to who you are. It walks besides you at your own level of understanding and self-recovery and draws you into further parts of yourself and into a deeper self-truth, in the very way that works best for you.

An Anchor, a Vehicle and an Unstoppable Driver

When you wear one of these pieces, you anchor your intention to go further  (toward your own self-knowing) into a tangible vehicle which is already filled with a true and lived story of self-reclaiming. . .Thus my  pieces will guide you, tug on you, support you. . . on your way back to yourself.

And as I am going ‘all the way’ myself, thus my pieces  carry the same unstoppable energy. They will  truly take you as far as you are willing to go.

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