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These rings are are for a small to medium hand, or medium to large, depending on the finger you want to wear them on. They are adjustable, and do have a “secret” symbol on the back of the shank for you to give your own meaning to.

The smaller rings often have a 6 X 8 mm stone and a 3mm round one, or 8mm and 3mm for the large rings.

The first ring doesn’t have a sentence engraved in the back, that’s how fast I had to stop working. But it’s about a ‘new animal’ entering one’s life and inviting change in one’s body, mind and spirit.

The first 6 rings are the larger ones, the following ones the smaller ones.

Price is also 10% of the indicated one.


The concept behind my earrings is simple but powerful and full of symbolism:. Each earring in a set  has a different design but both go very purposefully together: Indeed,  they are linked together by the fact that each one is  holding the energy of  half of the sentence written in the back. . . Together, they tell a true story of change, one which I have lived. . . . So when you wear the earrings, the idea is that you become part of this story of change, you are immersed  in it,  surrounded by the beginning on one side and the end result on the other side, so the energy of change from one earring to the other litterally passes through. I like to say that the story of the earrings is alive by itself, without you having to connect with it, except in the morning when you put them on…

A left and a right earring

Why? Because I make left and right earrings. . . Attentive intention is an important ingredient of change. . .In having to think for one second which earring goes where, you remind yourself that these earrings are not ordinary and have a purpose in your life beyond being simply beautiful. They have a story, and of course, the story cannot be backward, otherwise the story-line is lost. So in the very short moment you look at the earrings and remember to put the right one in the right ear, you can easily reinforce within yourself the deep inner reason why you want to wear those earrings. They have a meaning for you, they represent the inner you and what you are walking toward…and there you go: now on each side of your face for the day, they will play by themselves, dangling on your ears, making you feel more alive.

Please note at the bottom of this page a photo showing the size of the different earrings compared to a penny.

Also, the last two photos represent XS earrings. If you click on one of those two photos, you will see more of those XS earrings. You decide yourself which two individuals you want to pair. The price for a pair is $99,- minus 10%.

The 10% discount applies to all ‘last’ pieces.

These earrings are $99 for a pair. You choose the two you like!


Mixing the ageless look of my pieces with the contemporary look of the smooth tube, brings a contrast that I find very appealing, like a complete look that includes two opposites.

Those pieces all include an ADJUSTABLE chain, max 20″ and as short as you need at any time, so you can always adjust to the top you are wearing.

Please note the size comparison to a penny (click on the photo to see it completely).The price of each piece is 10% of the indicated price. All pieces are silver and 14K gold (yellow, green and/or rose).